FetishToyBox offers a great selection of sex swings and sex slings at amazing prices. If You have always wanted to try a sex swing now is the time. We also sell over the door sex slings and suspension stands for your sex swing. An over the door sex sling is great for traveling or when you are on the go. A sex swing stand is a perfect addition to your play room at home. If you want to make it a little more kinky try out our bondage sex swing.

Basic Types of Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear

Bondage Toys and Dungeon Furniture Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear are perfect to turn that room or basement into a complete bondage sanctuary. Check out our complete selection of bondage furniture, including stockades, spreaders and fucking machines offered at Fetish Toy Box

Wrist and Ankle Cuffs or Restraints Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear like Cuffs, rope and ties to keep hands and feet out of the action and out of the way. Cuffs are great for ease of use.

Spreader Bars Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear to keep arms and legs spread apart and restrained for better immobilization and access. Use spreader bars to keep your sub in place, in a certain position or unable to walk.

Bedroom Bondage Toys Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear for the bedroom. Great, high-quality bondage toys including beginner packages. Everyone should, at very least, own an under the Bed Restraint System for tying down hands and feet without damaging the headboard of your bed.

Collars Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear Keep your pet in line with a collar for sex play, or even a public collar for every day wear. We have collars that are designed for punishment or for use with a leash as well as beautiful public collars that can pass as a necklace during the day.

Blindfolds Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear By removing sight from the equation, you can take your physical experience to the next level. Unlike many, our blindfolds are high quality and designed to bring you years and years of erotic play.

Dungeon Irons Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear Take your kink to the next level with the hard steel and erotic submission of dungeon irons. From professional quality police handcuffs to modern takes on medieval torture devices

Hoods and Muzzles Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear Remove sight restrict air or just create an erotic look with our wide variety of hoods and muzzles. Some have mouth access for oral or others provide complete black-out experiences not available from traditional blindfolds.

Suspension Gear Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear create a more intense experience by taking your partner a little bit or totally off the floor! From sex slings and sex swings to bondage suspension bars Fetish Toy Box has a great selection of Suspension Bondage toys

Armbinders Bondage Toys to keep arms immobile better using full-length arm binders. Sleepsacks Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear Experience the security and erotic feel of having your entire body bound up with a sleep sack. Some are designed for complete encasement.

Straightjackets FetishToyBox offers Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear Created to be nearly impossible to get out of  a straitjacket can be a frustrating and exciting addition to your toy collection of Bondage Gear

Medical Bondage Toys FetishToyBox has medical Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear created to Play doctor and take your bondage scene to the next level! Make sure to check out our medical bondage toys.