Ram and Cram Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs Ram and Cram
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  • Item #: FAB386

This butt plug is one of our most intimidating. It is designed as two giant cock heads balanced one atop the other. Many size enthusiasts can tackle the first head with some work, but the second is a true challenge. The suction cup base makes it easier for a user to attempt it solo. The pthalate-free PVC material that comprises this plug helps keep it durable, but comfortable and smooth for easy insertion and use.



Ram and Cram Butt Plugs Specs:

The regular plug measures 10.25" in total length, 9.5" of insertable length and 15" in circumference (at its widest point). The extra large plug measures 12" of total length, 11" of insertable length and 16.5" in circumference (at its widest point).



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