Pink Unity Hybrid Silicone Lubricant for Women

Pink Unity Hybrid Silicone Lubricant for Women
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  • Item #: FAB417
  • Manufacturer: Empowered Products

Pink unity is a revolutionary, hybrid silicone lubricant which encompasses leading-edge technology and sets the tone for what will be the benchmark for personal lubricants of the future. This high-tech gel creates its unique, satiny smooth slipperiness by uniting lubricious silicone elements with all of the conveniences and benefits of a water-based lubricant. Pink Unity is formulated with premium silicone ingredients. These silicone molecules have been merged with water to create a lubricant that easily washes out of materials and does not stain. For added convenience, Pink Unity has been formulated as a gel for further ease and to alleviate any unwanted spills.

Available Sizes: 1.7 oz Bottle and 3.3 oz Bottle

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