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  • Item #: FSRC070
  • Manufacturer: ELECTROSEX GEAR By PES


There has never been an anal electrode developed to do this specific type of stimulation so precisely in the male anatomy. The Anal Tubular Electrode can also be used on women because the sphincter muscle is an extremely erotic area in both sexes. The smooth nerve portions of the outer sphincter are not as receptive to Erotic Electro Stimulation response as the the interior walls and interior base of the sphincter muscle platform. The unique bow expands out thus making good contact at the very inner base of the sphincter. Proper Placement Of The Anal Tubular Electrode Within The Anal Cavity.

• Prior to inserting this electrode you must first, thoroughly, lubricate the conductive bow and the surrounding area of the anus.

• Make sure that the connecting contact on the electrode is facing forward.

• Connect your leads prior to insertion.

• Pinch the conductive bow about 1 inch below the top.

• Gently push and feed the conductive bow into the rectum until the silicone tubular platform comes into contact with the exterior portion of the anus.

• At this time, you must properly orient the electrode by slowly moving the conductive portion in and out of the anus two or three times.

• On the final orientation of the electrode, make sure that the silicone tubular platform makes full contact with the exterior portions of the anus.

Choosing The Proper Electrode For Proper Erotic Electro Stimulation. The Anal Tubular Electrode is for use only in the anal rectum regions. This is a singular Electrode which must be used in conjunction with another PES Electrode to complete the erotic electro circuit. Choosing another Electrode to complement the Anal Tubular Electrode depends on what sex is going to use this device.

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