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    We All Have Nipples, So Let’s Have Some Fun


    Everybody has nipples, but when it comes to sex, they can be a body part that’s often overlooked, which is a shame. The nipples are one of the most powerful erogenous zones of the body, besides the genitals themselves.  Erogenous zones are found all over the body, and include other areas such as the lips, ears, neck and feet.  These zones are interconnected, and when stimulated and played with, can signal or increase sexual arousal within an individual.   Most women know that stimulating the nipples can lead to greater pleasure and stronger and more intense orgasms, and many can even achieve a nipple orgasm! But it may be news to men that they too can benefit from this often ignored part of their body, and bring themselves new levels of pleasure with their partners, or by themselves.

    Whether nipple play has been part of your sex life for a while, or you’re just diving in to this exciting new world, there’s plenty of fun toys out there to enhance and expand your experience.   So, let’s talk about some of these toys, and the how and why behind their use.


    Nipple Clamps

    By far the most popular and numerous types of nipple play device, nipple clamps are made in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials.  They are used by attaching the clamps to the nipples (kind of obvious) which pinches and restricts the flow of blood.  In many people this makes the area much more sensitive to stimulation.  Also, when the clamps are released and the flow of blood is allowed to return, it can produce a warm and pleasurable tingle that can increase arousal during sex and even lead to an orgasm.   They can also be used to facilitate mild to medium levels of pain when experimenting with breast torture in a BDSM environment.  Weights can also be hung from some nipple clamps in order to increase the levels of pinching and pressure.  

    Tweezer clamps are some of the simplest and most common types of nipple clamps, and are great for beginners, but also a fine choice for those that are a bit more experienced.  They are usually fitted with rubber tips to avoid any unwanted scratches or cuts.

    Alligator clamps are weighted for extra sensitivity and usually have an adjustable screw to adjust the amount of pressure of the nipple.  Many of them are coated with rubber or plastic, which can be removed for a more intense experience.

    Japanese Clover Clamps are a little more advanced, and are attached by a chain.  They are a favorite for many, but are sometimes not the best choice for beginners since once they are attached, they cannot be loosened, and pulling the chain will make the clamps become tighter and tighter, and have to be removed completely to relieve the pressure.


    Nipple suckers, vacuums and pumps

    These devices work differently than clamps, but fulfill a similar role be increasing and decreasing blood flow to the nipples by suction devices that remove air from the area they are applied to.  Some of these devices have manual screw mechanisms, but there are also more advanced powered options, some with additional features such as vibration and even mild electric stimulation.