Moist Lube Dispenser

Moist Lube Dispenser
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  • Item #: FAA354
  • Manufacturer: PipeDreams

Here is a great new way to keep lube handy. Now you don't have to mess around with bottles and have to worry about the tops breaking and leaking. With this new water cooler like lube dispenser, you won't have to worry about making a mess. Just push the tab down and lube will be dispensed. If any lube that happens to drip after you pull your hand away it will be caught by a handy try underneath, just like a water cooler! The jug comes filled with 21 ounces of water based Moist Lube. Because of its size, 12 inches in height ( including jug of Moist Lube ) and 3.75 inches wide, it can easily be placed on a bedside table.

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