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  • Item #: FEM48-E
  • Manufacturer: ELECTRASTIM By CYREX


The ElectraStim Controller is a high specification electronic system designed specifically for the stimulation of sexual organs and erotic regions of the body.  The ElectraStim sensation does not move or vibrate like conventional sex toys, it tingles and pulses! 

 The ElectraStim Controller is intended to be used by two people.  One person operates the controls, the "Dominator" (Dom) whilst the other person receives erotic electro stimulation, the "Submissive" (Sub).  Due to remote controlled operation this can be done across a room or in a different room altogether! This enables a host of exciting possibilities including discreet use in public places with the "Sub" blissfully un-aware of what will happen next!  The ElectraStim Controller is easy to use and maintain and has intuitive tactile control buttons.


EStim Controller Key Benefits

  • Control your partner or submissive remotely - anywhere!
  • Long range operation - up to 60 metres (200 feet)
  • User friendly transmitter and receiver units
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Highly controllable stimulation intensity

EStim Controller Key Features

  • Microprocessor controlled transmitter and receiver units
  • Seven exciting stimulation patterns including auto escalate
  • Eighteen stimulation intensity levels
  • Intensity Boost feature
  • Trigger/Zap mode
  • Multi-directional, high sensitivity, movement sensing mode
  • Audible receiver acknowledge beeper (can be disabled)
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Durable, wipe clean, tactile control panels
  • Easy to use, no dials or switches
  • Ability to combine multiple transmitters and receivers


What comes with the ElectraStim "Controller" system?

  • The Transmitter Unit
  • The Receiver Unit
  • Stimulation Output Cable
  • Leather Belt/Harness Pouch
  • 4 Self Adhesive Electrode Pads
  • 2 x LR1 Batteries for the Transmitter
  • 1 x PP3 Battery for the Receiver
  • 28 Page Full Colour Instruction Booklet
  • FREE 3 Year Extended Warranty Registration Card
  • Custom Fitted Carry Case


EStim Controller Stimulation Patterns/Programs

  • Continuous - smooth stimulation to get the feel of things
  • Wave - slow and gentle wave/massage effect
  • Escalating Wave - starting with a slow wave and steadily speeding up to a fast wave before slowing down again
  • Slow Pulse - a low frequency bursting pattern
  • Dual Pulse - medium burst rate followed by a fast rate...
  • Falling Rest - pulsing pattern with an ever decreasing rest period until the stimulation is constant then repeating
  • Escalating Pulse - starting with a slow pulse and steadily speeding up to a fast pulse before slowing down again

The stimulation mode or pattern can be changed by pressing the Mode button.  Each press will cycle through the seven Modes.  The Receiver unit will emit 2 low pitch beeps when it receives a mode change signal and the yellow light will glow in sympathy with the selected stimulation pattern on both the Transmitter and Receiver units. 

Stimulation Intensity Control
The ElectraStim "Controller has 18 stimulation intensity levels which are clearly visible on the LED display panel.  It is especially important to know the exact stimulation level when controlling another person so as to avoid un-desirable intensity levels.  Each of the six LEDs has 3 brightness levels i.e when all LEDs are off there is no stimulation.  When the Intensity+ button is pressed on the transmitter the bottom LED will glow dimly, representing level 1.  When pressed again the LED will glow brighter representing level 2 and when pressed a third time the bottom LED will glow brightly representing level 3.  The same sequence is repeated for the next 5 LEDs taking the intensity up to level 18.  The Intensity- button reduces the intensity one level at a time.  The Receiver/Stimulator will emit one high pitch beep when the intensity is increased, and one low pitch beep when it is reduced. 

Intensity Boost Feature
For a fast and hard intensity increase you don’t have to turn the intensity up in the normal way, you can simply hit the ‘Boost’ button. Be warned - this increases the intensity level by 3 levels and hence if the intensity is only on level 3 will doulbe the output level! When the button is released the intensity level will return to the original setting.  The Receiver/Stimulator will emit two high pitch beeps when a Boost command is received.

 Trigger Feature
The Trigger mode enables the "Dom" to switch the stimulation on or off at the touch of a button.  To enter Trigger mode the Mode button must be pressed and held down for 2 seconds.  A normal Mode change will first happen and then the yellow Mode light will switch off and the intensity will default to level 3 to ensure that moderate stimulation is applied.  The Mode light on the Receiver will also switch off and 3 low pitch beeps will be emitted.  The intensity can be increased as normal and decreased only to level 3.  The "Sub" will know when the intensity has been increased by the received beeps, but will not feel anything until the Boost button is pressed on the Transmitter - the anticipation will drive them crazy!  The yellow Mode light on both the transmitter and Receiver will illuminate when the output is "Triggered" and the Receiver will emit 2 high pitch beeps.  For long trigger periods the Boost button can be continuously held down.  To exit Trigger mode simply press the Mode button and the previously selected stimulation pattern will be resumed.  The stimulation intensity will then default to level 3 and can be adjusted up or down as normal. 

Movement Sensing Mode
The ElectraStim Controller has a state of the art omni-directional movement sensor.  This means that no matter what position the "Sub" is in, if they move just a few millimetres they will get zapped! If the "Sub" is being spanked they will also get zapped every time the paddle or hand strikes them.  The sensor works in every orientation, so it is just as sensitive when standing, laying down or sitting and will respond to slow movement to quick and sudden movements.  If your "Sub" does manage to stay very still you can always press the Boost button to remind them who's in charge! The Receiver must be attached to the "Sub" using the leather belt pouch (supplied) or any other means in order to detect movement. 

Transmission Distance and Antenna Options
The transmission distance is dependant upon the number and type of obstructions in the path between the transmitter and Receiver unit and also the battery levels in the transmitter.  The nominal open area distance is approximately 50 metres but this can be improved by moving the internal antenna cable in the Receiver such that it is external to the unit.  To do this you will need to remove the battery and the foam to expose the black antenna cable.  Pass the antenna cable through the small hole in the bottom left corner of the battery compartment such that it is exposed on the outside of the Receiver Unit.  Replace the foam, battery and cover.  If using the leather pouch to attach the Receiver, the antenna cable should be passed through the hole in the pouch to ensure it hangs freely.  The open area distance will now increase to around 60 metres and give better range in all general situations.

 Safety Features
Utilising digital technology allows us to include some very useful safety features. For instance when you switch the ElectraStim "Controller" on, all power levels will automatically be set to zero regardless of where they were when it was switched off.  To shut down the stimulation you can either reduce the intensity one step at a time or simply switch the unit off.  When the Transmitter is switched off, it also sends a signal which switches off the Receiver/Stimulation unit.  This keeps them synchronised and ensures that full control is maintained.

 Low Battery Warning
When the battery becomes discharged and requires replacing a light on the transmitter or receiver will flash. If the battery becomes heavily discharged the unit will automatically shut down if in use or will not switch on.  Use a good quality Alkaline battery for optimal life and performance. Re-chargeable batteries are a great idea for the receiver/stimulator, one in use, one on charge and incredibly cheap long term.

 High Quality User Interface 

Our high quality control interface overlays have embossed tactile control buttons which can be located simply by feel, frosted display windows, is constructed from durable reverse printed polycarbonate and securely held down with 3M adhesive - a hard act to follow!!

 Transformer Coupled Output
The stimulation output on the "Controller" is provided by the use of a transformer.  This not only provides the best stimulation experience but also provides a safety isolation barrier.             


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