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  • Item #: EM60-E


Pack Contents:


  • The ElectraStim Flick EM60 Digital Stimulator
  • Self adhesive pads x 4 (50mm/2" square)
  • Accessory Connecting Cable
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instructions
  • Drawstring Storage Pouch
  • High Quality Packaging
  • 3 Year Warranty Upgrade Registration Card

Features and Benefits:


  • Patent Pending "Flick" Feature
  • USB Chargeable - No Batteries Required
  • Up to 6 Hours Use Between Charges
  • Power On to a Totally New Sexual Experience
  • Fire Nerve Endings to an Orgasmic Frenzy
  • Can be Used Alone or with a Partner
  • 7 Exciting Stimulation Effects
  • Soft Touch Black Control Unit/Black Chrome Bezel
  • Small Size: 95mm(H)x55mm(W)x15mm(D)
  • Built To the Highest Standards

ElectraStim Flick Info
A revolution in electro stimulation technology the ElectraStim Flick not only has 7 built-in programs including escalating patterns but is also able to stimulate in rhythm with the movements of the control unit! Whether you simply want to add your own stimulation “beat” or want to stimulate in direct sympathy with your own wrist movements during masturbation, this patent pending feature will be like nothing you have tried before! The Flick feature can be slow or fast, soft or hard - it will mimic the sensation that suites your, or your partners, desire.


The Flick unit has 24 intensity levels, ensuring satisfaction for all levels of play.



"Flick Feature"
Pressing the Mode button for 3 seconds will take you into the Patent Pending Flick feature. Simply make motions with the control unit to vary the strength of stimulation but you still have control over the maximum intensity level. The Flick level is indicated by the 5 LEDs on the control panel but the output actually has 50 flick strengths!



Stimulation Patterns/Programs
The stimulation mode or pattern can be changed by briefly pressing the Mode button. Each press will cycle through the seven stimulation patterns and the yellow light will glow in sympathy with the stimulating output.



ElectraStim Flick Programs

  1. Continuous - smooth stimulation to get the feel of things
  2. Wave - slow and gentle wave/massage effect
  3. Escalating Wave - starting with a slow wave and steadily speeding up to a fast wave before slowing down again
  4. Slow Pulse - a low frequency bursting pattern
  5. Dual Pulse - medium burst rate followed by a fast rate...
  6. Falling Rest - pulsing pattern with an ever decreasing rest period until the stimulation is constant then repeating
  7. Escalating Pulse - starting with a slow pulse and steadily speeding up to a fast pulse before slowing down again



Other Key Features

  • Powerful, Controllable Stimulation
  • USB Charger Input - No Batteries Required!
  • FREE 3 Year Warranty Upgrade
  • Soft Touch Power Box
  • Charge Status Indicator Light
  • Intensity Level Soft Start Feature
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Durable Control Panel
  • High Quality Packaging


The Pads measure 50mm(2") square, are self adhesive and can be placed across any desirable area. You and your partner can wear one pad each on the buttock or inner thigh area and then have intercourse like you have never done before as the stimulation current flows between your two bodies!



Ensure that bodily contact is kept below the waist. The Pads can be used up to six times by the same persons. For a more erotic solo adventure take a look at the wide range of ElectraStim accessories.

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